aka Zora, Zara, Alx etc

  • I live in In the upland territories of some other world
  • My occupation is Drawing, writing, eating muffins, etc
  • I am a female dragoness who commands the power of blue lightning!
  • ZazaraOne

    A Story... I Guess

    June 10, 2013 by ZazaraOne

    A breeze hit me when I woke up, and I opened my eyes opened like a creaking door. It's so cold. Where's my blanket? I'm too tired to find it... I open my eyes a little bit more... Am I still dreaming? Things started to get less blurry. Green, since when did my home turn green?

    Where's my mother? My father? The humming, the hammering, the barking....


    Are they? Being attacked by wolves? I can hear them... so clearly...


    They... are... close... too close. Things are clear now, but I can't seem to remember why I'm not by my mother and father's side, why there are trees surrounding me, why there is smoke ahead, why I can taste blood in my mouth, why... why on earth am I in the woods?!

    Well that wouldn't matter, including with those s…

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