Greetings, fellow Wikia User, I am DragoNEX and Welcome to the Fan Fiction Stories Wiki Information Centre!

Feel free to comment if you would like anything, or send any staff members a message, or if you wish to for any reason, contact me at or Dragor Nexuson Facebook.

Page Description
Home This is the homepage, it is being designed by Adam Savage. This page will also direct you to other pages.
The Library The Library is like the book list, where every book is kept. The current Librarian is me, DragoNEX.
Rules and Regulations The Rules and Regulations of this Wiki are very important. You MUST read it before doing anything on the Wiki.
Contract Signing This is the page which introduces you to books. You will need to agree to it, in the comments section. You MUST agree to Contract Signing BEFORE publishing a book.
Suggestion Board In here, you can suggest things to add on the Wiki. The founder, JustinDaOne is currently looking for a Favicon for the Wiki.
Wiki Updates This page notifies you about the latest things on the Wiki, be sure to check it often.
Goals This displays every goal, which, if completed, grants a higher chance of being a Staff Member.
Advertisements This is the page you can recommend and advertise books. Remember to avoid spamming.
Chat Here is the place where you can chat with others, if they are on. This is the most convenient place to talk to others.

User Description
JustinDaOne JustinDaOne is the founder of the Fan Fiction Stories Wiki, the leader of all Staff Members.
Adam Savage Adam Savage is an Admin. He is the designer of the Fan Fiction Stories Wiki.
DragoNEX DragoNEX is The Librarian of this Wiki. He has Chat Moderator and Rollback rights.
Joyfulxchaos8907 Joyfulxchaos8907 is a Chat Moderator, and the newest Staff Member.

This blog is Under Construction. Feel free to ask questions in comments.

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