Scrapyard Spooks
Scrapyard Spooks title card

Air date

February 2nd, 2013

Nameplates after episode

Thomas, James, Gordon, Henry, Edward, Percy, Toby, Bertie, Terence

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Scrapyard Spooks is the 2nd episode of Thomas the Tank Engine Tales.


Thomas and Percy are sent to work at the scrapyard. They are very scared there because they think it is very spooky. Thomas and Percy do various jobs such as shunting flatbeds of iron and steel, bringing in some rusty old freight cars, and pulling away old engine parts. After Thomas and Percy finish their work, they see a large shadow on the wall, and think it is a ghost. Thomas and Percy race away from the scrapyard, thinking that the ghost-like shadow is chasing them. When Thomas and Percy return to Tidmouth Sheds, Sir Topham Hatt advises them that they must always be brave, and Thomas and Percy are no longer afraid of the scrapyard.



Voice TalentsEdit

  • Alec Baldwin as the narrator
  • Edward Glenn as Thomas
  • Linda Ballantyne as Percy
  • Neil Crone as Sir Topham Hatt


  • This is the first episode where cameos are made, and the first time a character does not speak.