Welcome to the P.Q.A! The Pyrophobia Questions and Answers. If you're confused with the story, or just have a burning question... Please comment here, and I will post them!Edit

The stars represent the spoilers, I will put them on each question that I post here. I will also put (if possible) the chapter where there are hints of or answers to. Edit

*=Small spoilerEdit

**=Medium spoilerEdit

***=Huge Spoiler! Watch out!!!!Edit

Frequently asked QuestionsEdit

Other QuestionsEdit

Q:My question: Is Alain related to Zazara in any way? Friends maybe?

A:Ok, so, now that part two is out.... I think I can explain..... some how.... Zazara, well... no. Peril, though... well, they are good friends. Over several parallel universes, Peril grew more and more into a monster because of him. But SHE thinks it's a gift. While Zazara........ well.... you'll see. Story? Don't know where it is? Here ya go!

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