The Keldabe-class battleship was one of several different warship classes utilized by Tyber Zann's faction and others in the Galactic Civil War. At least one vessel of this class was employed by the Mandalorians during the Galactic Civil War.



Like the Crusader-class corvette, the Keldabe-class battleship was a Mandal Hypernautics design.[1] It was named after Mandalore's capital, Keldabe. Like the Mandalorian corvette, the battleship design was marked by sharp edges similar to the ancient Mandalorian Kandosii-type dreadnaught.[4] Atop the main superstructure was a tower similar in design to the Galactic Empire's Star Destroyers.

Offensive and defensive systemsEdit

Ships of the class were able to compete with the Galactic Empire's Imperial-class Star Destroyers. Keldabes were armed with turbolasers, ion cannons, and a special mass driver weapon capable of firing directly through enemy shields. The mass drivers were located in between the two engine systems and at the front of the ship.[2]

An interesting facet of the ship's design was that they were capable of actually leeching energy from enemy vessels and shields to power its own weapon systems using technology acquired from the Alliance to Restore the Republic via the black market .[2]

Overall, the battleship was approximately a third more powerful than the Consortium's Aggressor-class Star Destroyer, but this also led each battleship to be much more expensive.

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