Dragonvale:The Rise of the Peacemakers
Fire dragon
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Book Author/s: Leajey
Script Writer/s: Leajey
Other Contributor/s: None
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Story Origin/s: Dragonvale
Episode/s: 3

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Prolugue "You let them escape?!?!" Nexus growled.

"We tried sir, we really did." Issy stammered.

"They were too fast for us. I..." Meso piped in.

"Enough! All I ask you is to cause some chaos for the riders to split apart. All you did was boost their confidence."

Meso and Issy looked at each other. Nexus held a sack of gems. "Time to hire an only friend of mine." He said. "Now minions, watch and learn"

Part 1 Zordon probably just ruined the group's chances of survival. He felt so overwhelmed with Cold Energy, it almost seemed that side of him took over. He had so much rage against fire that he couldn't stop the force. Now he was trying to not enrage the Fire Clan any more. Shadne and another rider, named Angel, had Blazing Dragons.

"Don't let them escape!" Bnm screamed, riding on a Scorch Dragon.

"Wait...! didn't mean too..." a fire ball hurtled towards Zordon. Somehow, by instinct, he managed to gain control of the flames and absorbed it. "Just listen to us!". A side of the Volcano broke off. A Rider with a Snow Dragon was battling another one with a Sakura Dragon.

"We meet again, Emerilla." the rider on the Sakura Dragon said.

"Let it be our last, Sept", ice shot from the Cold Dragon's mouth and knocked the Sakura Dragon and Sept.

TasBlader summoned water from a nearby stream and softened Sept's and her dragon's fall. A Rider with a huge Fire Dragon appeared. "So, we meet again, you Cold...." he went on to say some not good words.

"That's probably their leader." Bre murmured. The Fire Clan seemed to stop fighting the group and began to focus there attention on the Cold Clan. "Phew, nice Tas, we got on there good side. Wait, she scrunched her eyebrows at Zordon, Tas, and Wolfie, "I know him. Remember, the Fire Boost back on Island 5? Inside it there's a room devoted to him...Tim, the legendary Fire master"

TasBlader nodded, "See that Fire Statue around his neck. He's like Mohs and Sandakloz all over." Tim knocked down a bunch of Cold Dragons down.

"Let's get out of here. " Emerilla shouted to her comrades. Zordon heard someone say something like "We should have brought the Cold Dragon Master." The Cold Clan teleported away.