:) Well this is going to be a long story so hope you like it!

It's based off the Anime/Manga NARUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't own it but it would be really cool if I did. :D.

                          Chapter 1: "The Dangerous Mission!"Edit

        My POV:

"*Huff*" "*Huff*"

"My loud breathing is only making it easier for the enemy to find me." I thought to myself.

"What can I do?" "Ugh". (Groans in pain). "This freaking hurts"!! I said. "Kuso"!!! "I can sense that nearby."        "These baka's are so annoying." I said. 

"Geez". "Complaining isn't going to ease the pain." I said.
"This sucks though." I said as *I was running through the deep and leafy forest from tree to tree.*
"Catching missing-nins are such a hassle." "Why not become a rogue ninja instead while your at it. I said thinking  about my plans and what I usually would be doing at home right now.

"Not like anybody's at home or anything." "It's just me." No." "This doesn't sound like me, it's not the time to get  depressed." I said while shaking my head to get rid of those kind of thoughts.

"Oh I guess those losers finally stopped." "i'm so going to kick butt!" "Hehe". "Looks like I got to fight a couple of them." I said finally coming to a stop and look out to see where they have gone.

"Hm". "I guess they are in the corner." I said as I finally spotted them.

  • Near a lake 3 missing-nins standing together hoping for me to come out hiding*.

The Missing-Nins POV:

" That girl is weak". One said wearing my village's emblem which is Kirigakure.(Hidden Mist Village) with his psychotic grin.

"I see she's an Anbu/Hunter-nin." "But not a very capable one that is." The other to the rigth of the first one being very crass and a very wry tone of his voice.

"Let's go see where she is." The last on the left said with confidence.

"It's about time! They really suck at tracking people." "I mean it's so easy." I said in a murmer tone.

       My POV:

  I decided then on my attack to make my assult. "Water Release:Water Dragon Bullet technique" and surrounding them would be bounded by" Kage Bunshin" and lastly the "Hidden Mist Technique."

"S-She's attacking from above shield yourselves!!". I heard one of the missing-nins shout.

" But before any of them could respond I had already planned to silently kill them off with this the tecnique of the Hidden Mist."

"Ah FINALLY PEACE AT LAST!!!!" i yelled and at this point I was covered in bruises and cuts and then it began to  rain and glad that the pain was subsided by the gentle rainfall.
"I have to go back so I could report this to the Mizukage." I said thinking.

   "That's a strech." "Now I have to run back all the way home."  

"Ugh."  "So annoying!" as I began to run feeling the rain and tear drops of water brush against my fair skin.

    *Reached the Hidden Mist Village*

"Mizukage I have my report." I said.

"Okay Akira and what is it." She replied back.

  "Oh the 3 missing-nins from this village have been killed just as you ordered." I answered.
"Thanks a lot." "It's been busy for us with all the missing-nins this village has. She sighed and sat down on her chair near the desk with a view behind of the village.

"Dismissed." She said.

"Hai!" I said in response leaving the Mizukage building and made my up to my apartment.

  • The sounds of chatter filled the air and people busy with other missions and training to attend to.*
"Whew." I sighed. "Well, home sweet home." I said. I went into my spotless apartment which is already clean since I clean it most likely every other day.

"I'm going to take a bath and see if there are any leftovers in my fridge." 

  • After my bath I looked inside my fridge to see onigiri and ramen and took it out of my fridge.*

"My apartment isn't small but not big either." I thought. 

  • The ramen noodles were still soft and a little salty but delicious and the onigiri still had the same taste when I first ate it.*

"Ah."  "Another day has gone by and my life is still yet unsatisfied." I said with a large sigh.

"Let's see what's on T.V." as I find the remote on the light brown coffee table and went through a a large selection of my favorite channels.
"NOTHING!" "Are you serious!"  "Grrr."  "I made a face infrustration and ended with a "Hmph" at the T.V."

"I think I'll just chill on the rooftop." I said.

  • I opened my door and went outside and of course went onto the roof.*
"The stars are always so pretty and far away." "I sound like the most depressed person in the world." "Oh well not that anybody cares." "It would have been such a nice village if it weren't for these missing-nins they screw everything up." I said to myself.
"This happens for every village though." "Hopefully I have another mission to keep me busy." I said staring up at the sky into the never-ending black abyss that had spit out these bright and tiny-like illuminating stars.
"Well I'm going to go to sleep". I said making my way down and I accidently caught myself on a wire and fell bruising half of my right arm. Though it was not bleeding as bad but it hurt and I winced at the sight of dirt covered ontop of it.*

"Ouch that Hurt LIKE HELL!!!!!  I screamed for a couple of seconds and went back carefully into my apartment and proceeded into the bathroom.

"Damn this looks terrible!" I said in anguish as the pain was seeping in.

  • I took a pain killer and some bandages for my arm from the cabinet and left the bathroom and went towards my bedroom.
"This really hurts!!!!!" I said. *I went into my bed and pulled the covers over and tried to fall asleep hoping it would get better in the morning.


                 Chapter 2: "Ugh. Another Headache"!Edit

"What to do my arm hurts and I have to perform a mission with a anbu trainee." I said out loud.

  • I left my apartment in a mess since the pain was like unbearable and I felt lazy for once not to clean it.*

"Okay so who's the kid that I have to train."

"Hm. It says his name is "Jun Takashi". "16 years old and graduated the academy at 9 years old." "Not bad but I graduated at 7 years old."  "Ha in his face." 

"I can't wait to scare that kid unless he is ready up to the challenge ". "Hehe." I said. 

  • I looked at the clipboard that the Mizukage gave me 2 nights before* *Meet at the Training Summit at 1 pm sharp to meet Jun.*

"I guess 12:30 is kind of early......... like 30 minutes." I said to myself.

"I'm a weirdo. "Talking to myself and waiting."  I said.

"Who's there?." *I threw the kunai at the direction I sensed to find it being reflected back*

"I guess my sensei is not just for show." A voice came from the tree.
  • A tall boy wearing an anbu mask with black hair including his anbu uniform and swords on his back made his way down from the tree.*
Oh so.." "you just wanted to test my skills huh." I said in response. "Sharp kid aren't-cha." "Well just so you know I'm strict when it comes to training so you better listen or face my wrath." 

"Oh." "I'm so scared!" He said in a sacrastic voice.

"You little!" "You're talking just made me waste my breath." "Heh if you think you're so tough let's see what you're made of." I said in an angry like tone ready to kill him.
"Hm." "so we are testing our strengths now." he said.
"Nope." I said.

"What then?" he asked in a curious tone.

"Duh". "introduce yourself."  I'm not teaching someone who I don't know." "At least I know 1 thing that could be really interesting." I said.

"You go first your suspicious". He said.

"Fine."  "My name is Akira Namikaze." "You don't need to know my age." "I like things that can be named but I don't feel like naming them and well yeah and I'm a sensei of this weird kid." "The End!" I said with a bright smile on my face.
"So all I really learned was your name and that i'm weird." "Well that's just great." "Fine." "I'll go next." he said.

"Well."  "Do you see anybody else here?" "hurry up, it's supposed to be a brief meeting." I said.

"Okay."  "Well my name is Jun Takashi."  "I'm 16 years old and I have 2 best friends who are people." Also I love onigiri and ramen!" He said.

"Okay.........." "So, now that we are done introducing ourselves time for some pratice warm ups." I said.

"Really." "Cool!" "I have itching for one right now." he replied.

"Heh." " well that's going to be tommorow." I said sticking my tongue out.

"That's not fair!" he said.

"Yeah it is." "I'm the sensei and you listen to what I say." "Got that idiot." I said poking his head with my finger.

"Fine then." he said he said with a disappoint tone.

"Well here."  *I handed him a piece of paper.*

"This is our practice mission and the next day after we are going on a real mission". "Okay make sure to eat breakfast and do what I typed up for you." "Be ready!" I said beaming him a smile.

"Okay Akira-sensei!' Jun replied.

"Oh by the way you can't call me that when we go on missions since we have code names to keep our identites hidden." "Since we are killing people." I said.

"Got it!" Jun said returning the smile with a cheerful tone. "Kay."  "bye sensei."

"Yeah." I said smiling with a cheerful look in my dark brown eyes.

  • I headed to my apartment from my meeting with Jun and met up with Kei my I guess friend but I just saw him no talking.*
"I'm kind of a loner." "Since my demeanor to most people is eerie." I said to myself.
"Hmph." "Can't wait to go home." I said streaching.

"Hey!" A voice came from a distance.

"Are you serious?" I said.
"Hey you're that girl" A kid said.
"She's amazing going through all those missions killing people." another kid said.

"Um." "I think you kids should go home to your parents." I said with a sweatdrop behind.

"Nee-san" "Okay." the kid said.

"Good." "I said trying my best to smile.

  • I left the kids and went inside my apartment.*
  • I sighed as I went into my room jumped onto my bed laying on my back staring at the ceiling.*

"What should I do?" I said.

"It's really boring." "This is my home yet I don't feel accepted." *I scanned my room to find the remote on my dresser*

"Ah." "Some relaxing time." I said.

  • I turn the T.V. to hear a large explosion come from outside.*

"W-W-What's going on?" I said.

"Ugh..." I said I have a headache.

"Why me?" I said shouting.

  • I turned off the T.V. and changed into my uniform with my waepons and headed towards the door.*
  • I opened the door to see some jounin slaughtered on the ground.* *I looked to see Kei barely breathing*

"KEI!!!" "Are you okay?" I asked him. "I'm going to take to the medical -nins just wait!" I shouted and *felt a hand reached to touch my face.*

"I-I-I know...... I'm going...... to die......... already."

" though we rarely talked I know what you have been through."

"I...... I actually liked.......You".. *Huff*... *Huff*....

"I don't have much time."......."but live well and"......"do not live with regrets"...... "I learned that from you"....

  • Huff*...*Huff*.. "I'm sorry." Kei said *and then he closed his eyes with dying smile on his face.*

"Kei!!!!!!!!!!!" I said shaking him.

"I promise that I won't live with regrets thank you for liking me."

"I like you too." "Idiot ......but not that "like". "Heh." "It always ends like this." I said with a rush of hot tears over my face and anguish. "This is why I promised not to be involved with any one." "I try but it just doesn't work out."
  • I looked up towards the sky and the clouds began to form and rain.*

"That's why I love the rain."  

"It always comes to cheer me up in these situations." i said.

"Heh." "I got a kid to train tommorow and I don't want anything to happen to him." "Ya hear." I looked at the sky with the continuous rain pouring over me.............................................

  • I left Kei to the people who bury the deceased and went inside my apartment.*

"Hm.." "Why am I crying?" I said holding my arm and gripping it tighter trying to calm myself.*

  • The tears just kept coming, never ending but I forced myself not to cry and hold it in.*

"That's what I have been doing for years." I said.

  • That night I tried falling asleep and ended up thinking about Kei and what had happened that night.*


  • Morning......*

"Hm." "It's time." I said looking at the clock on my bed side.

  • 6:00 am*

"Guess it's time to go". I said getting dressed with my pouch filled with kunais and shurikens*

  • I left my apartment locked (of course) and made my way to the training grounds to pick up my student.*

"Akira-Sensei!" "There you are." "You're later than usual." Jun said.


"Sorry about that." "I have a lot of things on my mind." "Let's get on with this mission." "Remember it's a pratice one okay." I said.

"Ok." Jun answered.

  • We left the training field and headed towards the Mikzukage's office.*

"We are here ma'm."  I said.

"Ok." "Good, just in time." she replied.


                                              Chapter 3: "the Training Mission"Edit

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